Top Catholic Churches Near Dallas, TX

We've scanned the area in a 15 mile radius searching for Catholic Churches near by. Here's what we've found: Catholic Churches near Dallas, TX, belong to 1 rite(s) and mass is spoken in 3 languages (English, Vietnamese, and Spanish).

1-10 of 32 Top Catholic Churches Near Dallas, TX

Holy Cross Catholic Church

5004 Bonnie View at Loop 12 Dallas, TX 75241

St. Augustine

1054 North Saint Augustine Drive Dallas, TX 75217

St. James

1002 East Saner Ave. Dallas, TX 75216

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

4015 South Hampton Rd. Dallas, TX 75224

St. Clara of Assisi

321 Calumet St. Dallas, TX 75211-3515

Discalced Carmelite Monastery of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph

600 Flowers Ave Dallas, TX 75211

Nuestra Senora del Pilar

4455 W. Illinois Ave. Dallas, TX 75211

Blessed Sacrament

231 North Marsalis Ave. Dallas, TX 75203

St. Anthony

2711 Romine Dallas, TX 75215

St. Cecilia

1801 West Davis Street Dallas, TX 75208